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Tuesday Thread: Do you have any Earth Day traditions?

One of the most frustrating things about being obsessed with climate is greenwashing on Earth Day. Like, no one wants to hear from Exxon or BP on how they installed a single solar panel on their newest fracking operation, or from your Republican member of Congress that they like to go hiking every once in awhile, or from anyone that ‘net zero’ is good enough (it isn’t). The truth, as we all know, is a lot dirtier than that – and the thinly veiled attempt at marketing isn’t fooling any of us.

It’s been an Earth Day tradition for a few years now for climate folks to call out these greenwashers, and the memes just keep getting better.

My tradition on Earth Day is planting something. (The photo below is the plum tree I planted two years ago.) I’m super sad to be leaving this particular tree behind at my old house, but excited to plant new trees this year in our new backyard.

How about you? Do you have any Earth Day traditions?