Tuesday Thread: Mutual aid for Texas

This week, one of the worst winter storms in US history is hitting the deep South. In Texas, an “electric grid emergency” has plunged one-third of the people in the state into darkness amid bitter cold and surreal scenes of snow and ice.

The burden of this storm has not and will not fall equally. There are reports of low-income neighborhoods and communities of color having their power cut before wealthy neighborhoods. Tent camps of asylum seekers along the border had to endure freezing weather while being detained. In the Rio Grande Valley, which has some of the highest rates of Covid-19 in the country, farm workers are facing the prospect of an entire seasons of crops ruined by the ice.

If you’ve been directly affected by the winter storm (even if you don’t live in Texas), please share your story and a Venmo or CashApp or Paypal so people can directly support you. If you know of any local organization doing relief and recovery and resiliency work for marginalized folks, please share their website information so we can donate.