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Surveys! Let's choose a path together for The Phoenix 2.0

Today's art for The Phoenix was created by Laila Arêde

This week I'm taking a break to regroup after the amazing conversations we shared last week, and ask for your help plotting our future path. There'll be no feature post on Thursday, but I'm going to make up for it today by launching two membership surveys and a new community organizing space on Discord that every member of The Phoenix will have access to.

Fill out The Phoenix's first-ever membership survey!

Fill out our brand-new community organizing survey!

Based on our discussions last week, I have high hopes for this community. Every member of The Phoenix (and there are nearly 700 of you all around the world!) will have access to this community organizing resource on Discord. We're also exploring options to combine forces with other likeminded climate communities and reduce the barrier to entry for people to make their revolutionary climate ideas a reality. We're going to be doing this with equity and inclusion at the core, so if you're a student, or if you are part of a frontline or marginalized community, email me and I'll make sure you're included.

Sustaining members of The Phoenix will include a personal skills and resources matching service that I'll do personally. Basically: You'll be able to request help or resources on a project ("help me spread the word on this event", or "I need to set up a non-profit"), or share something you have extra expertise or ability to volunteer your time with (website creation, social media, legal aid). Our goal with this project is to help make transformative change happen. Again, the goal here is to make sure everyone's needs are met and that we're providing mutual aid in an equitable way.

If you have the resources, I'd love for you to become a paid member of The Phoenix to help make these dreams a reality and to make them as accessible to possible to the folks who might benefit the most.

More soon! —Eric <3