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Announcing The Phoenix community relaunch

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Today's art for The Phoenix was created by Laila Arêde.

We are in a climate emergency. And you were born at just the right moment to help change everything.

Supporting The Phoenix supports independent climate journalism and our action-focused community at a critical moment in history.

First off, I just want to say thank you for opening this email. When The Phoenix first started four years ago, I wanted to do everything all at once. It didn’t work out exactly as I had planned.

Burnout, the pandemic, raising little kids, and capitalism have all worked against me doing as much as I wanted to — and if you’re reading this, you’ve stuck with me through it all.

On June 1, I’ll begin transforming The Phoenix into Currently’s skills-sharing hub, complete with a Slack community and more: a full-fledged member-owned community focused on advancing climate justice.

For the past few years, Currently has been providing daily local updates on weather and climate for tens of thousands of people around the world. Over the past six months we’ve taken a break to retool, and we’re coming back with an expanded promise. The Phoenix will be a key part of making that promise happen.

Going forward, you’ll need to be a paid member of The Phoenix to read it in its entirety. You’ll get a lot of other benefits along with that — and I encourage you to upgrade your membership now if you haven’t already. What I want you to do most of all is to spend a second to think about how you are showing up in the world for the people and the places you care about most.

Because words are not enough any more. We must show up.

The rest of this year will be about finding a balance between the urgency of this moment and the necessity of self-care and mutual aid.

The skills-sharing community of The Phoenix will be helping you get outside, helping you live in right-relationship with nature and your neighborhood, helping challenge you to live up to your beliefs, helping connect you directly with the people and places most impacted by the climate emergency to offer direct help.

I’m inviting you to go on this journey with me.

Sound good?

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