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What would you like to talk about first? (new survey!)

Today's art for The Phoenix was created by Laila Arêde

Hey everyone,

We are finally ready to re-start our weekly skills-sharing sessions. The Phoenix is here to build a community around revolutionary change, and I think the best way to do that is to have our areas of focus be as much led by members as possible.

Our goal at The Phoenix isn't just to talk about radical change, it's to make it happen — as thoughtfully and as systematically and with as much care as possible. It's very important that revolutionary action doesn't spend precious energy re-inventing the wheel. There are thousands of other revolutionary movements throughout history that the climate movement can, and is, learning from.

I absolutely love Rebecca Solnit's take on this:

 I once titled an essay "The Slow Road to Sudden Change," because even what is imagined as overnight change or revolution usually had a long build-up. Mushrooms give us a great metaphor for this. pic.twitter.com/I8hXWX1jtM— Rebecca Solnit (@RebeccaSolnit) August 12, 2022 

We are the fruits of thousands of years of revolutionaries. And we are the spores that will seed revolutions for thousands of years to come.

No revolution is ever complete. And as the first major climate legislation in US history is signed into law this week, I want to make sure we all have the tools to keep fighting this fight until we meet this moment with the collective response it demands.

Back in February, I sent a survey to members of The Phoenix about what kinds of skills and ideas most need examining and attention — basically, your answer to the question: "What should we talk about first?"

Here was the result:

Some other topics that members volunteered:

  • Universal basic income

  • Direct action

  • Water

  • Localizing food / regenerative agriculture

  • Accessibility

  • Housing

  • Mental health

  • Hiatus, reset, pause

  • Biodiversity

  • Feeling more alive with less

  • Air travel

  • The role of artists in climate communication

  • Circular economies

  • Climate change in TV and film

  • Food waste

  • Nuclear energy

  • "Animals and plants and critters"

  • Plant-based diets

  • Heat pumps

  • Deep sea mining

  • Social movements that climate people can be allies in

  • Equitable access to green space

  • "Climate positive" businesses

  • Falling in love in a time of revolutionary change

I'd like to re-open this survey — and ask for your help on ranking these topics that did not appear in the first survey.

This Tuesday at 7:30pm ET, we'll be doing a Twitter Spaces on the new climate bill, and all the things it changes and doesn't change. I hope you'll join me!

And now, a word from our sponsors:

Kalshi is a federally-regulated platform where you can protect yourself against climate events, including hurricanes, drought, rising global temperatures, and more.