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Inaugural Membership Drive: Testimonials

Tomorrow is the final day of our inaugural membership drive at The Phoenix. It’ll be the final day to get your paid subscription at 20% off before we launch our new subscriber-only weekly essay series starting on Monday.

When I launched The Phoenix back in October, I had three goals:

  • Capture the narrative of the climate movement and shift climate storytelling away from inevitable apocalypse towards the possibility of a better world; towards catastrophic success not catastrophic failure.

  • Build a vision of irresistible justice that puts people at the center and advocates for anti-racism, anti-capitalism, anti-fascism and upholds the truth that we are all integral parts of the same living planet.

  • Share resources and contacts and strategies and dreams with like-minded people working for revolutionary change.

I am so proud and so thankful that we’ve made progress on all of these. At last count, we now have more than 7,000 people in our community from dozens of countries around the world, more than triple the size of what we launched with. There are people here who are doing the necessary work of radical transformation in all aspects of society, exactly the kind of work that’s needed for us to build a world that works for everyone – one focused on care, solidarity, and justice.

Right now, though, I have an important request to ask of all of you. In a sentence or two, tell me what The Phoenix has meant for you personally. How has this newsletter mattered in your life? (If you’d like to share something with me directly, you can send me an email or a DM)

Thank you so much for everything we’ve done for each other so far. I’m so excited for what’s next.