Election Night livestream with HEATED

We are in a climate emergency. And you were born at just the right moment to help change everything.

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Today is Election Day. The stakes are enormous, we all know that by now. We are scared, angry, hopeful, and nervous. We are in a revolutionary moment. We are fighting for our future.

This year has been incalculably hard for almost everyone on almost every level. By some estimates, almost 50% of Americans age 18-29 have developed at least occasional clinical symptoms of anxiety and depression. Amid the climate emergency, the racial uprising, the pandemic, and our always-on capitalist culture, we are experiencing a collective trauma that is unprecedented.

Tonight, I want to offer you an escape from that.

Checking out completely tonight is OK, I have a lot of friends and family who are planning on shutting off the news entirely. If you’re interested in following along with the results, as an alternative to doomscrolling or watching cable news, I’d love to invite you to a YouTube livestream I’m co-hosting with Emily Atkin of HEATED.

HEATED is the yang to The Phoenix’s yin. If the Phoenix is focused on how we build a better world from the ashes of our burning planet, HEATED is all about figuring out exactly who started the fire and holding them accountable. In my opinion, Emily is the Sunrise Movement of climate journalists – a courageous and confident agitator that gets results and doesn’t compromise. In the process, she’s transformed climate journalism. Here’s more about why she started HEATED, in her own words. You can check out HEATED and subscribe for free here:

Here’s how to join tonight’s livestream

We’ll start streaming on Emily’s YouTube channel around 6:30pm ET and keep it going until we run out of steam.

Here’s the direct link:

We’ll be joined by more than two dozen guests throughout the evening, all in a very relaxed vibe. There’ll be drinks and Halloween candy (and probably more drinks). We’ll be your companions on an otherwise pretty potentially terrifying night.

I’m mostly excited about our lineup of guests, which is absolutely stunning.

Here’s who we have so far (subject to change):

Just a disclaimer, neither Emily or I have ever done anything like this before, so who really knows what’s going to happen exactly! But we won’t hold anything back and we’ll do the best we can to create a safe space for us to laugh and (hopefully not cry too much) together.

Just to be extra sure you have all the right details, be sure to follow both Emily and me on Twitter, I’ll be trying to keep a running list of who’s on with us at any given time and how you can join.

Even if you can’t join, please be sure to take care of yourself tonight. Here’s some great climate-relevant self-care tips from Yes Magazine and my good friend Thelma Young Lutanatabua. We need you in this fight, no matter what happens.