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How Currently is helping emergency managers during record-setting extreme weather

Last year, after Hurricane Ida flooded the NYC region, the city of Hoboken, NJ hired a private weather firm for $7500/mo to keep a constant eye on the weather for them.

The rise of private weather firms is a reminder that climate change is expensive.

The climate emergency is here, and not everyone can afford what has become a tax levied by fossil fuel corporations — the most profitable and destructive companies in the history of the planet.

We need weather and climate services that actively work towards a better future — so Currently exists to do exactly that. Currently is a weather service, built for the climate emergency. Our main focus is on helping the helpers — making sure the people who are at the front lines have what they need to keep their neighbors safe.

Please take a few minutes to answer the questions below in our brand-new survey designed for emergency managers — your help is greatly appreciated!

Currently provides daily weather newsletters for free — and free dedicated support by our team of meteorologists to frontline organizations around the world.

The people at the front lines of the climate crisis — emergency management, mutual aid organizations, community-based organizations — are protecting the people at most risk during extreme weather and climate disasters. They need people to listen to their needs, understand how extreme weather and climate change is already impacting them, and offer ongoing weather forecasting support to create actionable lead time before adverse events occur.

How useful to you would a service be that sent you a daily summary of the risk of the specific weather events you are most worried about, for your specific organization or institution, including the ability to set precise alert thresholds — and the ability to have instant two-way communication with a meteorologist about those weather risks? That’s what Currently does.

Currently strongly believes that everyone should have access to high-quality weather information, especially the people on the front lines of the climate emergency — those who often did the very least to contribute to the problem. That’s why we’re focusing on expanding real-time weather support services in languages other than English, because the evidence is clear that having weather alerts you can understand saves lives. Providing professional-level weather support to folks who have been unable to access it historically is directly aligned with our mission.

Currently sends custom weather alerts 1 to 2 days ahead of potential hazardous weather events while evaluating the likelihood of significant weather events several days in advance. To complement this service, we also have built a text message service where folks can directly interact with our meteorologists about their weather and how to prepare. The goal is to help people navigate the climate emergency and mitigate the effect on their lives. Our services are used by individuals who ask us what time the heat will peak, when to plan outdoor activities, where a storm will have the most impact, and how to prepare for hurricane season.

Preparation is always better than unplanned disasters, and every $1 invested in emergency management saves $6 in disaster response costs. As the climate emergency accelerates, that's only going to become more true.

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